Jeffrey P. Nesker holds a B.F.A. from York University’s Department of Film & Video. His three “proper” short films, under his production banner of Ocular Nutrition, Nightclub Story (2008), Apocalypse Story (2010) and I’m Right Behind You (2010), a collaboration with The Chimera Project for Canadian arts channel Bravo!. have done very well on the festival circuit and won several major awards. In 2012 he brought the travelling Bootleg Film Festival across the pond from the United Kingdom to Toronto. In 2013, Mr. Nesker directed the superhero web-series The Undrawn, which was awarded a Bell Media Fellowship at the 2013 Banff Worldmedia Festival. 2014 will see the release of his debut feature film, Elsewhere, NY. Mr. Nesker is developing several other properties, including a follow-up feature project he hopes to shoot this year. He stays busy creating music videos and continues to be an accomplished On-Set Script Supervisor and Picture Editor.

Jeffrey P. Nesker's Resume

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